Renewing Beginnings


Here I go again, apologizing for a lack of documentation. Today, I return for necessity, and not out of sheer boredom, unlike in, umm, 2013. This blog will soon be linked to a new project that I am ecstatic and proud to have been chosen to be part of. And so, I feel I must prepare.

A little spring cleaning here and there;
An identity redefinition;
Some graphics updates —
Housekeeping, for anyone who might choose to take on this off-road path.

Also, keeping up with the internet traditions of yore — a cool decade ago, more or less — I hark the coming of age battlecry of my generation: “I will start a blog!” Although, technically,  I am only revamping and then reviving an existing blog; I’ve started way too many to keep track. (How many of you do I know from LiveJournal and Tumblr?)

The milestone that we commemorate in this here revival is: I turn 28 today.

Hardly the age to still be blogging like I used to on LiveJournal (“Ooohh woe is meeee, the feelings!“) and on Tumblr (“I’m cooler than the fucking internet, motherfucker!“), I feel that this prompts an entirely new style of blogging: just being myself. I have other, more substantial things to talk about now.

Obviously, I had a three-year headstart with the 50-something entries I had posted between 2011 and 2013, but upon backtracking, I spotted the cringe-worthy dregs of LJ and Tumblr. For the most part, I’ve kept most of my personal writing very personal. As in, locked in a safe, behind steel-enforced concrete, among molten hot magma, 100 miles beneath the surface, on Mars. (Don’t quote me on the anatomy of Mars.)

But, today is my birthday, and on your birthday, you think of things. Today, I thought about my new year in relation to a trip that I just came back from. Initially, I had started fleshing out some thoughts on all these lessons that I learned from the trip, it being my first completely solo travel experience; the birthday resolutions were to come later. I rambled on until eventually, they all just melted into each other, and I couldn’t tell the difference anymore. Going it on your own and growing up are essentially the same thing. And that includes coming out from the wings, taking ownership of who you are, trusting that who you are is someone worth getting to know, and then giving yourself the chance to enjoy and be enjoyed by the world (screw your issues with vulnerability).

So, here we are, taking stage. Don’t worry; this new style will not be about juvenile drama, nor any feeble attempts at making myself seem cool. I didn’t make it to 28 to still be concerned over those things. Also, because I’ve resigned myself to the fact a very long time ago that I am not, and will never be cool. It will be about what I’m eating, where I’m going, what I’m listening to, and what I’m seeing. It will be my aspirations, my fears, my joys, my goals, things I’ve learned. Between the tips of my wild hair and of my currently-unmaintained toes; between the music of the 75 year old New Orleans jazz instrumentalist, and that candy-coated guilty pleasure; between my left and right ear; in all the glory of my sunburnt skin — just me.

This may or may not complement the aforementioned project, I’m not sure yet. It probably should. For sure, though — will have a lot of food, a shitload of music (thanks to the suggestion and the encouragement of a friend), and a whole lot of honesty. I used to keep this blog a secret, but I think we’re ready to come out.

Appropriately, at the end of this evening I found myself here:

At an intersection between 28 and wherever the hell, waiting to cross to the other side.

And so, here we go! May this be the start of something good.


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