Baguio in Black and White

I was lucky enough to have had at least three uncles who were either photographers or photography hobbyists at at least one point in their lives. I was handed down their collection of vintage, manual, film cameras and lenses, so I’ve had the privilege to tinker with them, too.

For a while, I was experimenting with film. On a previous trip to the US, I lucked out on a few rolls of black & white film at either Walmart or Costco, so, naturally, I stocked up. One of my following trips was one to the mountain city of Baguio, so I toyed around with a roll then. I don’t think I could have chosen a spookier place to shoot in black & white than Baguio, but its lush vegetation made for good texture.

Most of these photos came straight from the roll. I had apparently used another roll – a colored one – on which some pretty interesting captures were made. So, allow me to disclose that some of these photos have been rendered, for the sake of thematic unity.

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