You Can Do Anything in Anilao!

What I Was Listening To: PLAYLIST: Sunset Sessions

I realize that I don’t get to take too many photos when I’m in Anilao with my family, because I’m normally out in the water. And why shouldn’t I be? There’s so much to do in Anilao!

Anilao, Batangas is only about a 2-2.5 hour drive away from Manila. That makes it one of the quickest getaways, and the wisest choices you can make at a moment’s notice.

When we go, we normally stay at a private treehouse, but there are so many other accommodation options out there. And besides, if you do it right, you can do a day trip.

So what is there to do in there, besides laze around? Well, Anilao is renown to be a haven for water sports, so there really is so much you can do. To scratch the surface, if you’re looking for a happy compromise between activity and taking it easy, you can paddleboard around the cove. You can also rent motorboats to take you snorkelling.

Or, if you are in the mood for more extreme activities, you can hop on a board and go windsurfing. But, you’ll have to wait for a good season to do it. Scuba diving is also an option; Anilao is also popular for being rich in marine biodiversity. The coast is literally lined with dive resorts, all of which are perfectly capable of taking care of you. Anilao Diving seems to have you covered on most points.

Lately, Anilao has also become a hotspot for skin diving. Explore Apnea Skin Diving Tours can take you in a day, and promises to show you what you can do in one breath!

So yeah, good luck staying put!

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