More of Morong: One Sunset, Eight Ways

What I Would Listen To:
PLAYLIST: Sunset Sessions

I must warn you: the following photo gallery contains, literally, all sunsets. These are photos of one single sunset, taken within one hour (the first eight, anyway; the last two are from the next day). I’ve set them beside each other to showcase the beauty in its nuances; so much can happen within just a few minutes.

In a previous post, I mentioned that Morong, Bataan has one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever witnessed. Every time I had been there, it was always better than the last time. If the photo that I had posted in that last entry was not proof enough, please have this one, instead.

This trip, which I made in 2014, was crazy. I laughed for six hours, straight.I laughed the whole time, but I literally did not stop for six hours, at some point. You take five silly girlfriends, who are absolutely high on life; plant them along a shoreline, under the sun, in front of something as gorgeous as this — simple, but sometimes that is all you need.

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