It’s Haim Time at St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival, Singapore

What I Was Listening To: Naturally —

This playlist requires the Spotify app to function.

Singapore seems to be one of the biggest recipients of my impulsiveness. Another spontaneous big decision I made was to fly myself to St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival, really just to see Haim. OH GOD, I LOVE THEM!

No shame in my fan-girling! Lucky girl got to meet all three sisters, too, and chatted with my woman-crush, Este. Alana signed my phone; Este and Danielle signed my festival guide, because I wasn’t sure how I was going to preserve all three autographs on one very heavily-used hand-held device.

I’ve said this before, but I may be most proud of my spontaneity and impulsiveness, more than any other quality. It’s the fire that takes me places, and makes me do things. I can bank on it to see me through on this path to thrillionaire-hood. And the more unexpected, the better!

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