PLAYLIST: En La Buena en Malapascua

Where I Was:
!Estoy en La Buena en Malapascua!

How I Did It: Download
Itinerary and Budget, OPTION 1
Itinerary and Budget, OPTION 2

What I Saw:
Photographs of Malapascua

What I Was Listening To:

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  • “Under The Sea,” The Little Mermaid Original Soundtrack
    Of course, this was going to be here. You don’t go diving and not have this running in your head.
  • Rodriguez, “I’ll Slip Away”
    The first stroll I took along the beach on my first day, I was pleasantly surprised to hear a couple of Sixto Rodriguez songs playing at Ocean Vida, which very easily became one of my favorite places on the island, for many reasons other than their awesome music.
    At Thresher Shark Divers, I heard Tool’s “Forty-Six and Two,” and technically, I should include that in here too, but it just doesn’t go with everything else.
  • Boozoo Bajou, “Sign”
  • Dublex Inc. (feat. Sandhy Sandoro), “Shine”
  • Macy Gray, “Still”
  • Lenny Kravitz, “Heaven Help”
  • Color it Red, “Paglisan”
    All overheard there, or en route. I heard Color It Red’s “Paglisan” at a bus stop, leaving Cebu for Malapascua, first thing in the morning. It may be a little morose to be on a vacation playlist, but a lot of this trip meant bidding farewell to a former life, including people who used to be in it. It was a good thing at some point, but I’m just at the end of the road now, and ready to move on.
  • June Marieezy, “Fly (FKJ remix)”
  • Skunkhour, “Weightlessness”
  • The xx, “Islands”
  • Jeff Buckley, “Lover, You Should Have Come Over”
    These are my love songs for the island.
  • Duncan Sheik, “On A High”
  • Erykah Badu, “On & On”
  • U2, “Staring At The Sun”
  • Lemon Jelly, “Make Things Right”
  • Bobby McFerrin, “Don’t Worry Be Happy”
  • Bonobo (feat. Erykah Badu), “Heaven for The Sinner”
    These are love songs for myself, when I need a few moments for introspection.
  • Bruno Mars, “Our First Time”
  • Aaliyah, “Rock The Boat”
  • Alabama Shakes, “Rise To The Sun”
  • Dan Auerbach, “Mean Monsoon”
  • The Black Keys, “Have Love Will Travel”
  • Bjork, “Cocoon”
  • Cassandra Wilson, “Blue Light ‘Til Dawn”
    These are love songs for someone else.

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