The Funny Lion: Coron’s Fiercest Cub

Opened barely a year ago, The Funny Lion is brushing up its mane and working on its roar to become Coron’s most cutting-edge resort.

A mere 5 minute tricycle ride away from town proper, it is close enough to be convenient, but far enough for you to be left peaceful.

Its immediate management are resort heavyweights, coming from The One Of Collection, the same group that brought you the Amorita and Momo  resorts in Bohol, and the Santa Monica Beach Club in Dumaguete. That alone can attest to the resort’s top quality. And with its simplistic aesthetics, and streamlined safari theme, the resort is anything but basic.

What To Do

Clearly, the resort is designed for lounging around, as there is no direct access to the bay from where it stands. If you’re looking to spending a quiet day on land (as opposed to a boat, which is required of pretty much everything you can do in Coron), its swimming pools and their surrounding, very well-sunned decks are yours.

On the evenings, Pride Rock Deck on the roof, watching the beautiful Coron sunset on a bubbling jacuzzi, sipping some white wine, or anything else you please from their well-stocked bar. I heard that Mount Tapyas had one of the best sunset views in town, but this seemed like a better idea to me. Besides, going up four flights of stairs felt like a vacation version of Mount Tapyas’ 700 steps.

What To Eat

On trips, normally, I would go out and forage for local fare. Which, I did on my first day, thanks to Emil’s recommendations. At The Funny Lion, The Hunt’s Restaurant offers a select, but delectable offering of fabulous Fiilipino fusion dishes. My recommendations would be:

A dessert buffet with all the usual stuff greets you in the mornings. If you’re lucky, the chef will have prepared a santol (sour apple) jam, or a calamansi jam, both of which he did that day.

Asian Crackling Pork Belly with Kimchi RiceAppetizers

  • Kinilaw
    I was never a fan of the local ceviche, but I have been converted.

Main Courses

  • Asian Cracked Pork Belly, with Kimchi Rice
  • Hangar Steak
  • Tiger Prawns – served with fresh greens tossed in dalandan vinaigrette

Caramel Panna Cotta


  • Caramel Panna Cotta
    Served with chocolate syrup, peanuts, whipped cream, and flame-torched caramel banana slices. At the time, this was not yet on the menu. But, luckily, I had made friends with one of the chefs, and eagerly volunteered to be his guinea pig. Take note that I was on a supposed month-long sugarless diet; this easily broke it. I had a whole serving. All to myself. Oink, oink!

Sustainability Efforts

Granted, Palawan’s local government has implemented some very strict environmental preservation and eco-tourism guidelines, and its citizens and operating business establishments closely observe. I’m not sure how far other resorts have gone, but what I appreciate so much about The Funny Lion — among other things — is that it has taken extensive measures to adhere to these guidelines.

  • The resort utilizes solar energy with the help of panels, which does not necessarily support the resort complete, ybut accounts for about 20% of the resort’s electrical requirements. At the very least, the solar panels generate enough energy to heat water in all of the resort’s rooms.
  • Their room amenities — soaps, shower gels, and shampoo — are all organic. And they don’t come in individual-sized packaging or sachets, either; each room has them in family-sized containers, which significantly decreases their waste.
  • Walls are made with Vasari plaster, which is a natural, lime-based, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic formula that absorbs carbon dioxide and odors. As beautiful as the finish is, like a fine wine, it gets better with age; the more durable it gets the older it is. It keeps rooms cool in the summer, and warmer when it is cold outside. And if integrated with color, it can mean not having to repaint your walls at all for years!
  • As with most cutting-edge resorts, The Funny Lion employs the use of its own sewage treatment system. Water from bathrooms is recycled into usable water for plants.
  • Most of the kitchen ingredients are locally sourced, so as to empower the Palawan farmers. However — and this is practiced throughout Palawan — fresh produce, especially seafood, is sourced from Manila or elsewhere. As you can imagine, fishing is prohibited in Palawan to assure protection of underwater wildlife. In the past, Palawan has fallen victim to dynamite fishing, and if forbidding fishing completely is the answer to making sure that everything down there remains i tact, I won’t mind paying a little extra for seafood.


I cannot thank The Funny Lion enough for having me! Apart from my experiences out at sea, the resort’s exceptional hospitality really made my Coron trip even better than it already was, and that is saying a lot!

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