At this point, I doubt that it is any secret that I am undergoing a major life overhaul. I mean, the creation of this entire platform — this blog — was the fruit of me itching for adventure. I realized that perhaps that maybe long-term world traveling was probably not going to be the answer. It just isn’t feasible for me at this point. And as much as I love it, and intend to continue exploring, a few far more important things (at least, I feel) have been happening at home, which have compelled me to stay. Besides, it dawned on me that the adventure that I was looking for was not necessarily getting up and leaving; I just needed some earth-shaking tectonic movements, and change everything.

My home is my land. My home is the Philippines. I belong here, whether I like it or not, although these days, I am pleasantly surprised to find it being more of the former. At this point, I am at my proudest to be Filipino. As much as I am falling in love with Manila and my country, the problems that it faces are undeniable — traffic; pollution; congestion; poverty; exploitation and depletion of natural resources (both human and environmental), among many other things.

Now, as a single individual among a population of approximately 100 million Filipinos, I realize that these problems are not ones that I have created for myself; I have inherited them from the generations that have come before me, and from the people and situations that surround me. And that is a daunting thought; one that can easily cause someone to fall into a mentality of victimhood.

However, one person with the right mindset has the power to create new things. “Mediocre people do exceptional things all the time,” says the infectiously bouncy pop-rock band OK Go in one very underrated track called “What To Do.” My singularity shouldn’t pose as a problem.

So, it is through this blog that I choose to make a difference. Well, this among many other projects that I have lined up, and will be writing about in the future. Among them, is a personal project which I will simply tag #LifestyleChange, because that is exactly what I’ve been trying to do. I didn’t like how things were going before, so I decided to change everything: my job; my situations of comfort; my daily activities; what I choose to be bothered with; and what and how I choose to love.

I choose to love my country, and how I choose to do that is to look after it by highlighting all that is good about it, like its gorgeous travel spots, empowering its rich culture, and all the mediocre people who illustrate what is exceptional about being Filipino, and how they choose to love this country.

I’m starting small, from finding alternative means to travel besides with my car, to changing my beauty regimen to an all-natural, eco-friendly, community-beneficial, and environmentally-sustainable system, for starters. It’s an uphill climb, but the investment seems like a worthwhile cause to me. After all, the problems to solve are not just mine; they are everyone’s. And if I can get the two people that read this blog (a figure of speech) to listen to what I have to say, and go out and apply it, I’d consider my job done.

See you on the green side!

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