G-Stuff Naked Zinc SPF 36 Sunscreen

Surfers and divers, rejoice! We’ve partaken in many conversations about affordable, accessible, eco-friendly sunscreen, which won’t cause harm to sea life and coral reefs, or our bodies. I’ve heard about French and American brands, and I am proud to announce that a local (Filipino) brand has released a product to address our needs!

Available at G-Stuff is Naked Zinc 3-in-1 Face and Body Sunscreen (SPF 36). It is a light formula that contains zinc oxide, a natural mineral reflector, which really should be one of the only two active ingredients in your sunscreen, besides titanium dioxide.

A 120 ml bottle cost about P980. Admittedly, it is a bit more expensive than commercially available chemical sunscreens. But, hey, if I’m using it on my face, I don’t mind investing. And you shouldn’t, either. Especially if the product is eco-friendly. It’s not just an investment on yourself; it is an investment on environmental and economic sustainability.

I tested in out on my hand, and noticed that it coated it with a thin, transparent film. Looks good; that can only mean that instead of being absorbed into my skin, it lightly sits on the top layer of my skin. And that it is water resistant, thus, good to use for swimming and sweating.

I tested it out on my face, and found no visible trace of the formula. Except maybe a fragrant, vaguely-sunblocky scent, goes away after a short while, there are no tell-tale signs of it being there. No sticky, heavy feeling. Even during and after a day of biking in the city under the Manila sun, I barely felt it.

I used it under makeup, and I was pleasantly surprised that it acted as a great base! My skin is normally very oily. And I don’t normally use foundation, but when I do, my face gets extra-dewy. Upon testing, I noticed that my face was more matte than greasy, whether alone or under makeup. Score, score, and score!

Like most of G-Stuff’s beauty, hair, and personal care products, Naked Zinc contains no parabens, petrochemicals, phtalate, propylene, and harmful chemicals. If we are going to get nerdy about it, based on the Environmental Working Group‘s sunscreen toxicity index, certain chemical UV filters such as oxybenzone, octinoxate, and other such concerning chemicals, should not be present in your sunscreen for their contribution to skin allergies, the disruption of hormone balance, and the release of cancerous nano-particles, which, ironically, interact with the sun happen during interaction with the sun.

Mineral sunscreens, such as this one, supposedly contain no such nano-particles.

But so far, I’ve only tested this product around the city. So far, so good. I like it! But, let’s wait until a proper beach trip before I can fully harp on its effectivity. But, so far, it looks good for use on all fronts — on land, and at sea.


G-Stuff is located on the 3rd Floor, Rockwell Power Plant Mall, Makati.

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