PLAYLIST: Solar Eclipse of the Heart

The last time I attempted to catch a solar eclipse (I have no recollection of there being another opportunity to catch it any other time in between) was about 20 years ago. I brought my sunglasses with me and sat in my garage, waiting for something to happen. Alas, the sky was cloudy, and had tell-tale signs of rain. Clearly, I got nothing from that.

There was no way I was going to miss today’s eclipse. Naturally, I took advantage of the experience; and spent a good 45 minutes scrounging around for x-ray film, camera lenses, UV filters, and building a makeshift set-up to get a decent photograph. I found an old x-ray from when I fractured my ankle several years ago, taped it to my window, and shot away. I’m dizzy now from staring at the sun, but I got what I wanted. Kind of.

Photo 3-9-16, 8 55 55 AM

I had songs playing in my head the whole time, which clearly warranted the creation of a playlist. It’s not the most amazing one I’ve done, but hey, I’m just giving an honest recreation of my experience, haha!

Also, no, Total Eclipse of the Heart isn’t on it. 😛

This playlist functions best with a Spotify app.

What Should Be There, But Isn’t On Spotify:


Did you have an eclipse sighting?

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