Shades Up: AirAsia Philippines Takes Sunnies Studios To The Skies

“At this time, make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright position, your window shades open, and that your seat belt is correctly fastened. Also, your portable electronic devices must be set to ‘airplane’ mode until an announcement is made upon arrival. Thank you.”

Hypothetical In-flight Scenario:

It’s 6 AM, and the sun is rising. My plane is taking-off, and the in-flight announcement blares at us (me) to open my window shade. If, like me, you like to take the red-eye going to a vacation destination (especially when there’s beach time involved), there is no more annoying thing to hear at such a godless hour. If you are, indeed, like me, you probably didn’t bother to get much sleep the night before, too. So, not only are you getting kind of cranky, sleepy, and hungry, but [my already-astigmatic] eyes would be ultra-sensitive to light, too. So, as pretty as the sunrise is, flying right alongside the risen sun isn’t going to make for a very good welcome to the day.

And damn it, you forgot to pack your shades!

If you’re lucky, like I was, you’d be on an AirAsia Philippines flight — now they’ve got Sunnies Studios sunglasses available on board!

zPhoto 28-06-2016, 5 50 57 PM

On land, the Sunnies Studios collection is as vast as it is stylish, with concept stores popping up left and right. In the air, while the selection is relatively limited — three for him, and three for her — the design considerations are carefully curated to suit the personal style, face shape, and destination of any culture-loving traveler. Sure, you could wait until a beach-combing sunglasses vendor tries to sell you fake designer ones, but that ain’t right. Why settle when you can get a fabulous pair of original and Filipino-owned sunglasses for only P399?

And style deserves style, so this fabulous partnership between AirAsia Philippines and Sunnies Studios was launched at no less than the stunning Amorita Resort in Panglao Island, Bohol. It was an intimate event, with a short fashion show of AirAsia staff modeling some of the airlines’ latest inflight merchandise, and dinner held at Tomar, the resort’s wine and tapas Bar.

I’m not going to lie, I was not in the mood to look at myself in the mirror wearing my bikini the next morning, after all the food they served. I surrendered after two plates of brochetta, paella, callos, mariscos cooked several ways, carne de vaca, croquetaspollo Iberico, and chopitos; red sangria to complement; and crema de Cataluna and churros for dessert. Nobody survives an amazing dinner like that.

Am I complaining? My pants are, a little bit. But the rest of me is happy. I was fed so well; I flew out to one of the world’s best-renown beaches, and stayed at one of its most luxurious resorts; got a tan; had fun, and got myself a cool pair of sunglasses… nobody here is going home cranky. You can leave those window shades open as wide as you want!


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