2016 Year-End Giveaway!

With just a few days before Christmas, and the New Year, I wasn’t going to let this whirlwind of a year pass without a surprise. And here we are – one last giveaway!

Since quitting my job in 2015, I’ve chosen to take the freelancing route and gave up a lot of things. I learned — and I still am learning — to live light. I sold my car. And everything I need to get by, I should be able to take in backpack.

So, this year, the two things that have proven priceless to me are my bicycle, and my backpacks. One of which has proven itself to be more crucial than the rest: the PacSafe SlingSafe Backpack. And I’m giving one away!

The anti-theft features are nothing new to PacSafe. RFID-safe; eXomesh slashguards; smart zippers and kissable zip sliders for padlocks; and turn-and-lock security hooks — they’re famous for that technology! Apart from all this and comfortably carrying my 6-lbs, 15-inch laptop, what impressed me the most about this pack is that its front pouch is detachable!


Reinforced with all the same snazzy features as a typical Pacsafe bag, I love that you can unhook it from the front of your pack, snap on straps, and voila — it’s a sling! On some days, I’ve even used it as a fanny pack!

And guess what — you can have one!

To qualify, you must fulfill any of these three:

  1. ON FACEBOOK: Like Sting Like Abi on Facebook. Share this post on your Timeline, letting me know why you have to win, and use #StingLikeAbiThrillionaireGiveaway.
  2. ON INSTAGRAM: Follow @stinglikeabi on Instagram. Repost the corresponding Instagram giveaway post on to your account, letting me know why you have to win, and use #StingLikeAbiThrillionaireGiveaway.
  3. ON THE BLOG: Comment on this post, saying why you want to win. Don’t forget to introduce yourself so I know how to get in touch with you in case you win!

Winners to be announced on December 31, 2016!

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