About Me

Abi Portillo is a 20-something year-old, sun-thirsty Filipina, who recently quit her Marketing and Events Planning job to become what she likes to call, a “thrillionaire” because she never could sit still. She is the big-haired, blithe, fiery, wide-eyed mermaid daughter of Neptune. And to quote a certain Miss Erykah Badu — a personal favorite, and whose birth name, incidentally, is also Abi — she is “an analog girl in a digital world.”

She enjoys writing, taking photos, listening to music, and experiencing new things (in no particular order), and one day thought it would be clever to take all of these things that she loves, and put them together to offer you all a full sensory replication of her experiences. Hence, this blog.

When she’s not out and about, she is often found listening to a mountain of music in her bedroom. On other days, she is the front woman of rock n’ roll/blues band — Abi Rode — and plays bass, for fun.

She would like to see as much of the world as she can, for as long as she can. But the dream really is to eventually settle on quiet island in her beloved Philippines, with just a few of the things that she considers are necessary for a perfect life: a boy, their babies, bikinis, her band, and a boom box. Oh, and liempo.

I Get By With A Little Help From My (Really Awesome) Friends

Carlo Hofileña
Logo Design

Carlo is a full time Graphic Designer, and MS Marketing student based in Manila. He works for a Danish company by day, and does freelance jobs at night for various projects, locally and abroad. He loves going to the beach, getting a tan, and swimming all day.


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