Launching this week —


Inspired by mermaid folklore and born out of our passion for ocean protection, environmental responsibility, and sustainability, SERENA was created to offer earth-friendly alternatives to your bath and body essentials.

Our products are 100% natural, ocean-friendly, and biodegradable, made only with edible kitchen ingredients ingredients which are locally- and sustainably-sourced. No harmful chemicals here!

SERENA on Metro.Style Local Picks List

It’s a proud day for my heart, as Serena makes it on Metro.Style’s #IndependenceDay2018 local beauty picks list.

Alongside local beauty brands that we’ve long-admired, too, like Happy Skin! Wow, wow, wow, what an honor!


Kapitolyo-Katipunan Solo Flight

ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Flew solo from Kapitolyo to Katipunan, under 34 scorching degrees, for an hour and a half.

From my house in Kapitolyo, via Meralco, EDSA, White Plains, to Katipunan and finally, Ateneo, and then back. Should be about, what, 10 kilometers each way? Something like that.

Zero gas consumption, zero carbon emmissions, all those calories burned, and this great feeling of accomplishment… this is such a proud moment! But don’t tell my dad. 😁

One More Revolution Around The Sun

I was born on this day twenty-some years ago. And look what I got: THE COOLEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER; a half-page feature on Chalk Magazine’s April release, The Travel Issue.

The last year was insane, in more ways than one. It’s been 11 months since I chose to overhaul my life, and it’s been a hell of a ride. This is a timely reminder that I’m doing the right thing. I’m more than ecstatic to start this next chapter; It’s looking like a huge, promising one. 

I want to thank everyone for supporting my ultimate goal to do revolutions around the earth, as I complete one more revolution around the sun. I’ve been swimming with the fish, and among the stars, and it’s been a pretty damn good life. I am nothing but grateful.

Take The Long Road and Walk It

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Running errands today, and it’s a beautiful day out so I thought I’d go out and walk it instead of taking a car or even my bike. It’s not like I have any meetings to think about today. From Kapitolyo to Megamall (despite despising them, this trip is a necessity, but I’m not giving them any more money than I have to!) in jeans, my favorite basic white tee, sneakers, no makeup, NO BAG! Just the essentials.

At zero cost, zero traffic, zero headaches, zero emissions, and a whole lot of calories burned! This is so remarkably liberating!