Kapitolyo-Katipunan Solo Flight

ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Flew solo from Kapitolyo to Katipunan, under 34 scorching degrees, for an hour and a half.

From my house in Kapitolyo, via Meralco, EDSA, White Plains, to Katipunan and finally, Ateneo, and then back. Should be about, what, 10 kilometers each way? Something like that.

Zero gas consumption, zero carbon emmissions, all those calories burned, and this great feeling of accomplishment… this is such a proud moment! But don’t tell my dad. 😁

Mornings are made of these 

IMG_8256Marking my eighteenth year of visiting the paradise island of Boracay. So much has changed, and I’ll admit I’m more than annoyed at which ways it has changed. But you can’t feel too bad when it looks like this at any point during your day.