Stuff By Serena Website Launch on ONE News, Cignal TV

Look ma, we were on TV this week!

It was a surprise guesting, and we were barely ready with the website and for the holidays, and I had the cold from hell, but we managed to get through it!

Thank you so much to ONE News on Cignal TV for having us!

SERENA on Metro.Style Local Picks List

It’s a proud day for my heart, as Serena makes it on Metro.Style’s #IndependenceDay2018 local beauty picks list.

Alongside local beauty brands that we’ve long-admired, too, like Happy Skin! Wow, wow, wow, what an honor!


One More Revolution Around The Sun

I was born on this day twenty-some years ago. And look what I got: THE COOLEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER; a half-page feature on Chalk Magazine’s April release, The Travel Issue.

The last year was insane, in more ways than one. It’s been 11 months since I chose to overhaul my life, and it’s been a hell of a ride. This is a timely reminder that I’m doing the right thing. I’m more than ecstatic to start this next chapter; It’s looking like a huge, promising one. 

I want to thank everyone for supporting my ultimate goal to do revolutions around the earth, as I complete one more revolution around the sun. I’ve been swimming with the fish, and among the stars, and it’s been a pretty damn good life. I am nothing but grateful.

Mmm, cake!

  New Gen Baker: Bake Like Abi

On unexpected things in 2016: a funny little feature on yours truly and my baking hobby, haha!

You know, you grow up, start taking an interest in different things like music and travel, become a rockstar, and learn that your voice could be lucrative business, see a lot of magic, shed some weight. But at the end of the day, you’d still be that fat little kid who loves chocolate cake.

Look Good, Love Hard, Live Young!

What do we have here? A short but very sweet mention in this month’s Chalk Magazine! When I refocused my blog, I really had no expectations as to what would become of it, but it looks like I might be doing something right, somehow. So this really means so much to me! Thank you, Chalk!

Grab a copy now to find out what other little, impactful things you can do to get involved and help in your own little way!

StingLikeAbi Scary Travel Story on Preen

6 Girls Share The Scariest Things That Have Happened To Them

The paranormal isn’t scary; sometimes real people are scarier than ghosts! I’ve contributed a short anecdote about a scary experience while traveling solo in Siquijor. Take care when you travel!

Story by Pauline Lacanilao
Photo courtesy of Preen.Inquirer