A Quick Getaway: Bataan

Perhaps it is its proximity to Manila that makes it not the most exotic place you could think of, but I find Morong, Bataan to be one very underrated location. In fact, I will site its nearness to the city as one of its biggest strengths. I love driving to Bataan! It is always such a simple, scenic, and all-in-all pleasant ride:

  1. Go the length of EDSA, then exit onto the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX)
  2. Go the length of NLEX, then exit onto the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX).
  3. Go the length of SCTEX, into Subic. 
  4. Turn left at the first major intersection (where Petron, and the Nike outlet store are), and follow directional signs that lead you to Bataan.
  5. Further along, follow directional signs that will specifically lead you to Coralview.

Easy, right? 😛

A close second would be that it has one the most spectacular sunsets I’ve ever seen. And without fail; of all of my visits, that lights show only gets better and better every time. Sometimes, that might depend on your company and what you do with them, but that’s another story.

Third, the resorts that line the seaside are family-friendly. I highly recommend Coralview Beach Resort for their reasonable prices, decent food, and, most importantly, for the breadth of their space. The place is sprawling!

On other occasions, specifically during the rainy season, Morong has been known to be somewhat of a surfing location. Who’d have thought! The waves do tend to be quite strong, so I don’t think I can recommend it for beginners.

Also in Morong is a Pawikan [Turtle] Conservation Center, which was a disappointing experience, with its lack of pawikan to conserve, but it seems that they are getting very little support from either the private or public sectors. They supposedly run completely on volunteer help, so I can understand why they might not be doing so well. You can head on over here for more information on how to help!

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